[Update] 5 new features

We’re back with 5 improvements to KingSumo this week. 😃

#1 – Improved Bonus page 💫

kingsumo email morefeatures bonusoptions

Make your giveaway go viral from day 1.

After someone enters your giveaway, we made it much easier for them to get bonus entries.

Create bonus entries to get more people to your site, social channels, buying your products, and more!

#2 – NEW Launch checklist email 📩

kingsumo email morefeatures checklistpage

After your giveaway goes live, you’ll get a new optimized launch checklist.

When you follow the checklist, your giveaway has a higher chance to get more entrants.

More entrants = more email subscribers and customers!

#3 – Easier sharing and bonus entries options 🎉

kingsumo email morefeatures defaultshares

We made it easier for giveaway admins to control sharing options — and help make a giveaway popular from the start.

Enable or disable any sharing platforms you want (like Facebook or Twitter).

We also separated sharing options from bonus entries so it’s cleaner and easier to configure.

#4 – Better halfway and final day reminder emails ✅

kingsumo email morefeatures finalemail

Giveaway entrants get a reminder halfway through the giveaway, and on the final day.

These entrant reminder emails are now better than ever.

All action links go directly to the action instead of the Entrant page. For example, if an action is “Tweet your followers” it opens up Twitter directly.

#5 – New Twitter hashtags by default 🐦

kingsumo email morefeatures twitterhashtags

We want to help your giveaway get more entrants… automatically.

To help, we made the default Twitter share text for both entrants and admins include popular giveaway hashtags #giveaway and #win.

To run your first giveaway FREE, click here. It takes 30 seconds to get started. 🎉

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