How to Grow Your Social Followers Fast Using Viral Giveaways

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could gain 20,000 social media followers in just 11 days? 📈

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Or 2x your Twitter followers in only a month? 🎉

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It’s possible… and today, we’re going to show you how.

Even better, we’re NOT going to show you any questionable “hacks” or immoral strategies that get you banned from your social channels.

And best of all, these strategies will help you increase your social followers for $0! 💰

Your secret weapon is…

FREE viral giveaways.

HUNDREDS of people have increased their Instagram followers, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers — and more — using viral giveaways.

In this post, we’re going to show you how to use FREE viral giveaways to grow your social followers.

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4 Steps to Getting More Social Followers with a Giveaway

Step 1: Maximize Points for Social Follows

With viral giveaways, there’s a magic secret you can use to easily get more social followers.

And there’s no catch — you don’t have to buy these followers.

No spam bots, no follow-unfollow nonsense… no tricks or games.

These are REAL followers who actually want to follow you (and they’ll like your pictures).

To get these followers, you can use a simple giveaway strategy called bonus entries.

Bonus entries are your secret weapon to increase your social following…

kingsumo blogpost viralgiveaways bonusentries

Using viral giveaways, you can set up bonus entries to push people to follow your social channels.

For example…

  • If you want someone to like your Facebook page, you can give them a bonus entry
  • If you want a new Instagram follower, give another bonus entry
  • If you’re trying to get more Twitter followers, give a third bonus entry

With bonus entries, you’re getting HIGHLY engaged social followers:

  1. It gives your entrants more entries to your giveaway, which increase their chance of winning
  2. It gets entrants to take ACTION on the things you want — like following you on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and elsewhere. More social followers! Sometimes, we all need a little push. Help people fall in love with your brand and content!

Bonus entries are how you grow your major social channels quickly with little effort. 🚀

And it doesn’t stop with giving points for only when people follow you on social media…

You can also give bonus entrants when people share your giveaway on social channels.

If people tweet out your giveaway, they get a bonus entry.

If people post on Instagram, they get a bonus entry.

The more people who share your giveaway, the more people who see the giveaway… and the more social followers you can get.

Next, to take social sharing up a notch, we need to create a compelling message with some killer hashtags to make your giveaway explode.

Step 2: Focus on Epic Hashtags to Make Your Content Viral on Social

Picture this…

Person A shares your giveaway on social media by pasting a plain link of your giveaway.

Boring copy, boring hashtags… boring everything. It’s left to die without anyone noticing. ☹️

Person B shares your giveaway with super compelling “see it and immediately want to follow” copy about your giveaway.

They combine the copy with high traffic hashtags that get a ton of viral traffic — plus a compelling link to your irresistible giveaway.

Imagine if you could get every single share on social media like Person B’s post.

BOOM! 🎉 That would be $$$.

You don’t have to pray and hope your giveaway reaches a professional marketer to get the Person B treatment.

Instead, you can control what everyone shares about your giveaway on their social pages.

And better shares = more social followers for you.

All you have to do is craft your message once, create the link… and profit forever from it.

You can do this by manually creating links for your favorite social media platform — or using a tool like Share Link Generator to make it easier.

When you create a compelling custom share link your followers can share, your followers will promote your message for you. It’s like free marketing help!

And when it’s compelling enough, it’ll get tons of viral attention… without any work from your side!

If you want to create a custom share link for Twitter, and add more flame to your Twitter share bonfire, start by finding effective hashtags to create a GREAT tweet that works for you.

Here’s one strategy you can use to find popular hashtags…

  1. Go to and search for terms related to your giveaway. You’ll find the most popular hashtags, plus a word cloud of related hashtags.
  2. Take a few of the bigger hashtags and run them through to measure their popularity. You want every hashtag you use to be guaranteed traffic magnets, so we recommend only using hashtags that get 100+ tweets per hour.
  3. Narrow down your list of hashtags to the 3-10 most popular hashtags.
  4. Sprinkle the winning hashtags into your custom URL (or use Share Link Generator) along with mouth-watering copy.
  5. Set up your customer URL in your giveaway as the share message to get bonus entries. This guarantees a successful message.

kingsumo blog socialfollowing twitter

Every time people share your custom message on social media… each post will get viral attention from users searching for those popular hashtags.

And because your copy is compelling, it’ll get people to click your giveaway, enter… and then follow you on social media using the bonus entries you already set up in step 1!

Now that you’ve primed your viral machine, it’s time to send out that first killer email to get even more of your friends sharing.

Step 3: Send Your First Email

If you want more social followers from your giveaway, you need more people seeing it.

One of the best ways to get more attention to a giveaway is through email.

You don’t need a big email list. You don’t need to be super popular (no Homecoming King here). You don’t need to be a professional email marketer.

Even if you send to only a few dozen friends, your first email will send tidal waves and kickstart the initial traction for your giveaway.

Here are 3 places you can get people to send your email:

  • Look through your Google contacts. Check your recent sent emails. Who are you contacting the most? Think specifically about friends and family.
  • Look at your LinkedIn connections. You can pull email addresses from LinkedIn. Look for people who have jobs or interests related to your giveaway item. Even if you don’t know the person very well, sending an email is worth it.
  • Get influencers to email for you! Find people you admire or follow online. Email them and ask if they’ll help email your giveaway to their fans. In return, you can mention them in your giveaway, in your emails, or on your social channels.

You can also use a tool like to find more people to email.

When you have a list of potential entrants, here’s a word-for-word template you can send…

SUBJ: Win my giveaway (free!) 🙂


I’m running a free giveaway, and you’re invited to participate!

It takes 5 seconds to enter for a chance to win at the link below:


Your chances of winning increases when you follow me on social (or refer someone to the giveaway). Spread the word!

Good luck,


Step 4: Promote on the Platform You Want People to Follow

This may sound simple, but sometimes simple works best.

When you’re using a giveaway to get more social followers, it’s important to post on the channel where your followers are.

For example, if you want more Facebook fans…

  • Promote your giveaway on Facebook heavily (3-4 posts)
  • Reach out to Facebook influencers and other fan pages to help you promote
  • If you’re able to afford it, spend money on Facebook ads

You can find your ideal followers on the same platform you’re promoting!

To get more Facebook fans noticing your giveaway, you can also use this framework for your status update:

Win PRIZE for free!

To celebrate May, we’re launching a new giveaway.

Share with your Facebook followers and you’ll get even more chances to win. 🙂


Here are some other tips to get more traffic for your post on Facebook:

  • Pin your status update on your page
  • Boost your post (less expensive than buying ads)
  • Use clear CTAs e.g. “enter here”, “enter to win”, and “check it out”
  • Include video or images with links in your post
  • Promote it in your Facebook cover photo

Giveaways are a GREAT way to grow your social following.

They’re simple, inexpensive, and extremely effective.

When you launch your first giveaway to get more social followers, remember the 4 steps…

  1. Maximize points for social follow
  2. Focus on epic hashtags to make your content go viral on social
  3. Send your first email to get more entrants (and social followers)
  4. Promote on the platform you want people to follow
Run FREE giveaways with KingSumo

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    1. Our pleasure, Albert!

      Do you mean you want other tools that work well with KingSumo?

      Our favorite is, because we built that, too! The reason why is, KingSumo helps you GET email subscribers and leads, and Sumo helps you send messages to them.

    1. Super bummed to hear, Mikkel. Sounds like the issue you’re running into — like a lot of people — is Facebook is messing with your reach!

      We recommend you share to your existing email list. If you don’t have an email list, share with your friends manually. Also, posting on Twitter or LinkedIn where the reach is better can help.

      Finally, if no other options, you can either pay to boost your Facebook post or use Facebook ads. Sometimes, you unfortunately have to pay-to-play with sites like Facebook.

    1. One of our FAVORITE strategies is to look at what other tools authors use, and then reach out to those tools to get featured.

      For example, is there a writing editor that many authors you know use? Reach out to the tool creators, and ask them for a free copy in exchange for promotion.

      You might have to try a few different tool creators before you nail your outreach strategy and get a free tool, but many people are surprised how willing people are to give away a copy of their product for free promo!

    1. Hi, Jovana! Thanks for your comment. Yes, we abide by all rules at a high-level — however, it’s also the responsibility of the giveaway creator to make sure they’re abiding by rules as well.

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