3 Giveaway Tips: How to Run a Successful Giveaway — for Free [Expert Tips]

We’ve seen a few recent giveaways that got a TON of entrants. 🎉

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Why do some giveaways succeed… while others fail?

Here are 3 giveaway tips to help take your giveaway to the next level.

Use these tips to get more email subscribers, customers, and social media followers.

  1. Promote using Facebook Ads. 💸Facebook ads can be an inexpensive and effective way to drive entrants to a giveaway. Surfboard company Degree 33 is using Facebook Ads to run monthly giveaways.For the most effective giveaway ads, target Facebook users with interests similar to your brand.

    For example, if you’re a surfboard company you can target people located in California who like the pro surfer Kelly Slater.

    After you set up your budgeting and target, create a benefit-driven ad to appeal to your target audience.

    Here’s an example from Degree 33:

    kingsumo email broadcast giveawaytips fbad

    And if you want to create retargeting ads for both people who do and don’t enter your giveaway…

    We just added Facebook Pixel conversion tracking to the KingSumo web app Pro plan. Click here to enable.

  2. Do a partner giveaway. 👨Additional partners can help you massively grow your giveaway. SaaS business MeetEdgar got 2,000+ entrants by featuring 3 partners.Use BuzzSumo, LinkedIn, or Google to find complementary products. Then, use Hunter to find email addresses for the products and companies you found.

    Many companies will be receptive to giving you a free product if you feature them in your giveaway social media posts and emails.

    Here’s a sample email you can send:

    Hi [name],

    I LOVE [product]. Use it all the time, my favorite thing is [your favorite thing about their product].

    Quick question…

    I’m running a giveaway for my readers. Gonna promote to [# of followers you have] on my social and email channels.

    Would be excited to give away [product] + link to your site.


    -[your name]

  3. Leverage daily entries + embed. 🎉Daily entries and embedding your giveaway will get users to visit your site more often. Art blog Hyperallergic embedded their giveaway to get 7,000+ entrants.Create a website landing page to put your giveaway embed widget. On your giveaway landing page, you can also put additional call to actions — like links to buy your products, videos, or anything else.

    Here’s how you set up the ultimate daily entries + embed engine…

    First, make sure daily entries are selected when setting up Bonus Actions in your giveaway:

    kingsumo email broadcast dailyentries

    Next, after your giveaway is created, click “Embed the giveaway widget on your website”. A popup will give you the JavaScript code to embed.

    kingsumo email broadcast giveawaytips embed

    Finally, embed the widget on your landing page and promote it.

    Post your landing page on social media, share it to your email list, tell your friends, post on LinkedIn, and anything else you want.

    Make sure to mention entrants can get bonus daily entries if they visit the page every 24 hours so they come back to your site.

    And because of our Late Entries feature, even when the giveaway ends you’ll collect email addresses!

Use these 3 tips to make your next giveaway better. 😃

2 Replies to “3 Giveaway Tips: How to Run a Successful Giveaway — for Free [Expert Tips]”

  1. With Facebook Advertising (point 1), did the company use a conversion event for their Facebook campaign?

    Is there a conversion event URL we can use? Like the one for the page “Congratulations, you’re in!” so that we can measure how many people actually entered because of the Facebook Paid campaign?

    1. Great question, Phenie. On the WordPress plugin (wordpress.kingsumo.com), you can use any footer code you want. We give you free range since the plugin is on your site, so we don’t have to worry about any scripts. On the web app specifically, on the Pro version we give you PageView and CompleteRegistration code areas so you can track both pre- and post-entry for giveaways easily using FB ads.

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