Turn Giveaway Entrants into Customers [How to Get More Customers]

Today, we’re going to show you how to turn giveaway entrants into customers. 💰

Last year, we ran a giveaway for 9 of our favorite travel items.

The morning before the giveaway ended, we sent an email to everyone who entered…

Ultimate traveler giveaway

And our giveaway partners saw their sales increase!

Here are 5 steps to send your own “entrant to sale” email:

  1. Create a discount code for your product. 🤑 For example, if you’re an author you can offer an Amazon coupon for 50% off your book. Or, if you’re not giving away a physical prize, you can offer a discount on an hour of your consulting time.
  2. Make sure to set an expiration date on your discount. ⏰ Setting a deadline helps people take action fast.
  3. Export your entrants. 📧 Click here to access your KingSumo dashboard. Export all your entrants by clicking on the green “Contestants” and then exporting as a CSV.
  4. KingSumo entrants

  5. Prepare the email. 🤓 You can import the CSV of entrants directly into your email service provider in a new list or tagged as “giveaway entrants”.
  6. Write your email. 📝 We recommend you include 20-50% off discount codes. Make it compelling so your entrants become customers.

Once your email is setup, we recommend sending 12 hours before your giveaway ends.

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