May 2018 New Upgrades

Check out 5 new features we’ve added to KingSumo!

#1 – Badge ⭐

kingsumo email 5updates badge

Get your website visitors to notice your giveaway.

Embed a giveaway badge across one, some, or all pages of your website.

To use the badge, simply paste the below code into the HTML of any page of your site.

<script src=”” data-id=”ks-badge” data-url=”YOUR GIVEAWAY URL” data-title=”YOUR GIVEAWAY TITLE”></script>

#2 – “Watch a video” entry option 🎞

kingsumo email 5updates youtube

Have an entrant watch a video as a bonus entry.

Even better, the video will play on the page!

To try on your next giveaway, just chose “Watch a YouTube video” under Bonus Entries.

#3 – Late entrants 📈

kingsumo email 5updates late

Get more subscribers or customers after your giveaway ends.

With this new feature, a user can still give you their email address after a giveaway ends.

These latecomers will be marked “Late” in your contestants CSV. Or if you use MailChimp or Zapier, the late entrants will be sent straight to those tools.

#4 – Facebook Messenger 📨

kingsumo email 5updates fbmessenger

Facebook Messenger is now a default Share option when setting up a new giveaway.

This means more people sharing with their friends… which means your giveaway grows!

#5 – Sumo integration 😃

kingsumo email 5updates sumo

Use tools from our sister company Sumo to promote your giveaway FREE.

You can use Sumo popups, Scroll Boxes, and more to turn website visitors into entrants.

Click “Use Sumo” on the Promo page after you launch your next giveaway.

Click here to start a giveaway and try the 5 new features yourself.


[Update] 5 new features

We’re back with 5 improvements to KingSumo this week. 😃

#1 – Improved Bonus page 💫

kingsumo email morefeatures bonusoptions

Make your giveaway go viral from day 1.

After someone enters your giveaway, we made it much easier for them to get bonus entries.

Create bonus entries to get more people to your site, social channels, buying your products, and more!

#2 – NEW Launch checklist email 📩

kingsumo email morefeatures checklistpage

After your giveaway goes live, you’ll get a new optimized launch checklist.

When you follow the checklist, your giveaway has a higher chance to get more entrants.

More entrants = more email subscribers and customers!

#3 – Easier sharing and bonus entries options 🎉

kingsumo email morefeatures defaultshares

We made it easier for giveaway admins to control sharing options — and help make a giveaway popular from the start.

Enable or disable any sharing platforms you want (like Facebook or Twitter).

We also separated sharing options from bonus entries so it’s cleaner and easier to configure.

#4 – Better halfway and final day reminder emails ✅

kingsumo email morefeatures finalemail

Giveaway entrants get a reminder halfway through the giveaway, and on the final day.

These entrant reminder emails are now better than ever.

All action links go directly to the action instead of the Entrant page. For example, if an action is “Tweet your followers” it opens up Twitter directly.

#5 – New Twitter hashtags by default 🐦

kingsumo email morefeatures twitterhashtags

We want to help your giveaway get more entrants… automatically.

To help, we made the default Twitter share text for both entrants and admins include popular giveaway hashtags #giveaway and #win.

To run your first giveaway FREE, click here. It takes 30 seconds to get started. 🎉

4 New KingSumo Features in April 2018

We made 4 big improvements to the KingSumo web app over the past 2 weeks. 🤓

Here are the big changes…

#1 – NEW bonus page (coming soon) 🤩

New KingSumo bonus entries

Our new bonus page will make it easier for entrants to take action on your bonus entries — like following your social accounts or clicking to your site.

Plus, an simpler bonus entry page means more people sharing your giveaway.

The new bonus page is coming soon.

#2 – Improved bonus entries section 🚀

Cleaned up bonus entries

We cleaned up and sorted the bonus entries in your admin dashboard.

This makes it easier for you to pick which bonus entries you want to use — so your giveaway can go viral.

#3 – Improvements to reduce spammers 🙅

Spam blocker

#4 – New KingSumo Blog 🖥

New blog

We created a new blog to share our latest KingSumo web app updates with the world (and you’re reading it right now!).

Plus, we’re going to start sharing our favorite KingSumo tips, strategies, and step-by-step guides on this blog to help you run more successful giveaways.

Thanks for using KingSumo. 👑

7 New KingSumo Features in March 2018

We updated the KingSumo web app with 7 new features for you!

#1 – Facebook entry 👍

Facebook entry

Now people can enter your giveaway in one click using Facebook login.

To save you and your entrants time, Facebook entries are auto-confirmed.

#2 – Embed widget you can place on any web page 💻

Embed widget

Embed your giveaway on a blog post, your homepage, or anywhere else on your site.

Click here to see the embed widget on OkDork.

To use the embed code, Just paste the code below on any page of your site…

<div id="kingsumo-embed" data-url="YOUR GIVEAWAY URL"></div>
<script src=""></script>

#3 – Updated bonus entries 🎉

Bonus entries image

We cleaned up the Twitter and Facebook bonus entry options — and made them easier and more effective.

Then, we added a daily entries option. Use daily entries + embed code to get people to return to your site daily.

#4 – Easier confirm for Gmail and Yahoo entrants 🤓

Gmail confirm image

From the entrant dashboard, Gmail and Yahoo entrants can click to go directly to their email inbox and confirm their entry.

And more confirmed entries = more email addresses you know are valid.

#5 – Simplified time and date setup for giveaway admins

Time setup image

Instead of taking forever to manually type in your date and time, you can now choose from a cleaned-up drop-down menu.

#6 – Halfway and final day reminder emails 📩

Halfway email

Automatically send a reminder email to entrants to increase sharing:

  • Halfway through the giveaway
  • And with 24 hours left in the giveaway

When your entrants share your giveaway with their friends and network, you’ll get even more entrants.

And more entrants means more email subscribers for your list.

#7 – Increased image upload size to 3 MB 🖼

Image increase size

We increased the image upload size from 1 MB to 3 MB per image.

Upload higher-resolution images to your giveaway without issue.