4 New KingSumo Features in April 2018

We made 4 big improvements to the KingSumo web app over the past 2 weeks. 🤓

Here are the big changes…

#1 – NEW bonus page (coming soon) 🤩

New KingSumo bonus entries

Our new bonus page will make it easier for entrants to take action on your bonus entries — like following your social accounts or clicking to your site.

Plus, an simpler bonus entry page means more people sharing your giveaway.

The new bonus page is coming soon.

#2 – Improved bonus entries section 🚀

Cleaned up bonus entries

We cleaned up and sorted the bonus entries in your admin dashboard.

This makes it easier for you to pick which bonus entries you want to use — so your giveaway can go viral.

#3 – Improvements to reduce spammers 🙅

Spam blocker

#4 – New KingSumo Blog 🖥

New blog

We created a new blog to share our latest KingSumo web app updates with the world (and you’re reading it right now!).

Plus, we’re going to start sharing our favorite KingSumo tips, strategies, and step-by-step guides on this blog to help you run more successful giveaways.

Thanks for using KingSumo. 👑

5 Replies to “4 New KingSumo Features in April 2018”

  1. OK got it to work put a larger image and then debugged the url on FACEBOOK to rescrape ..all fixed. MAYBE a thought would be able to define the share image were it could have added graphic or wording for news feeds say WIN! or a value tag what ever we wanted if you get what i am saying?

    FANTASTIC service KINGsumo… i love it and has taken out all hell i was doing that drove me nuts with other paid solutions. I will be upgrading to your monthly plan soon. thanks.

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